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✔Verified Official Purnomo Account

Twitter : @EM_EE_PE
Instagram : hey_purnomo
Line : em_ee_pe
KakaoTalk : em_ee_pe
WeChat : EM_EE_PE


Nick name: Murtaji Eko Purnomo,
-But you can call me Kompor,Blues,Wak ji blue,Pak Pur
- Profession: Student (Senior High School)
- Height: 1m71, Weight: 75 kg
- Features: Handsome, strong, Naughly, Taciturn,luxurious,Cheerful,Interesting,Generous :x :X :x
- Education: SMK N 1 TUBAN '11
- Birthdate: May-01-1995
- Birth Place: Tuban, Indonesian
- Blood type: O
 - Star sign: Taurus
- Interests: Sporty, Online, Volly ball and Basket ball
 - Languages Spoken: English, Indonesia, korean(a little),japanese (a little),jawanese
- Skills: Sporty and Computer
- Family: mummy, and sisther
-Fave Colour: green, yellow, black, white

- Slogan : ★ Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything, even love!!! ★

-| ' Best Friends to ME is:
A - Accept You As You Are
B - Believe In Having Fun
C - Cherish Time Together
D - Dream Big Dreams
E - Enrich, Comfort & Delight
F - Follow Up & Follow Through
G - Grow Forever Memories
H - Honor Each Other's Feelings
I - Invite You Into Their Hearts
J - Just Call To Say How Are You
K - Know When Something's Wrong
L - Love You No Matter What
M - Multiply Joys & Divide Sorrows
N - Nurture Each Other's Souls
O - Overcome Adversity Together
P - Pick You Up When You're Down
Q - Quickly Forgive & Make Up
R - Remind You Of Your Greatness
S - Smile When They Think Of You
T - Thrive On Shared Trust
U - Understand When To Just Listen
V - Value Time Together
W - Walk With You Side By Side
X - Xperience Ups & Downs
Y - Yearn To Stay Connected
Z - Zest To Live, Laugh & Love ' ♥

I hate :
a person who not believe me >< BUT WHY ADD ME HUH?

want to become your friend...
if you add me ,i will accept it ^^
if you poke me , i will poke you back ^^b

don't say that i add you, if i'm not add you ><

dont ask me a silly question... like "am i know you ?' or like "why you add me ?" or like "this is real you ??? ...
if you not believe me so don't add me ^^;;

if you want know me more...
u can ask me..
u can send a question to my wall... i will reply it
or you can chat me...^^

♥ you

(๏̯͡๏)۶ things that I don't like ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶
☻FIRST I don't need FaKeRs in my list, so if you think you're someone you really aren't don't boder to add me cos I won't accept or i'll delete you xP
☻people who pretend they are what they really aren't(FAKERS)
☻people who think they are superior to others xP
☻those who are obsessed abaut something or someone....
☻people that judge others other by the way the look or by what they like.... >.<
☻selfish, careless people....even taught I am like that sometimes.....xD LooooL

don't be rude to me xD

if you are nice i'll be nice and sweet too ♥ ♥

if you are are rude then I can be bitchy too xP

♀♂ Don't get me wrong, I really like to make friends, but I am sick of FRIKS and STALKERS xP xP xP ♀♂

So obvius i'm note fake, it is the real me, if you see any of my Photos on someone alce's acaunt plese let me know ^^ THANX ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope youre not scared to add me now xD hehe ^^" well don't let my infobox intimidatre you, if you think we can be friends fell free to add me
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